Mind Coach?

Never knew what it was till I met that Instagram voice......I was always down and angry because of how people treated me so badly, relationship failures, family, work place and people breaking my trust generally, I have a job, I drive a good car I have food to eat, good clothes to wear but I was not happy, I was broken for years, this happened for years I was managing it on my own, till recently I was just going thru Instagram stories to see what I can find to laugh about then I saw a picture of Hope it was a lady, it was captured so nicely, the words were you Need to Let it Go
so I decided to look at it, then I saw other short write ups of Hope never seen anything that took my attention that easily and decided to DM, I was surprise I got a reply, got the wahtsapp NO and a class for that same day, I was excited, I was very happy hearing something new, something that gave me hope, something that taught me how to think differently, how to love myself and value myself, how I comes first before any other person I repeated the voice notes for many times before going to bed that day, for the first time I went to bed happy without thinking without being worried, I was excited I needed more, then my coach again asked if I was going to be chance for face to face class, I was happy I said yes quickly I looked forward for that Saturday it eventually came and it was a total mind shift for me, it was more interesting than anything I had listened to earlier, I learnt alot about forgiveness and how to appreciate my very self, I was taught to love and owned what I want to in my life before it comes finally and I should believe I have it, to picture the life I want to leave and work towards it, it was a new life in me, no one has ever asked me how I grew up it was the first time my coach asked me that, and I was broken while telling him the story and when I did I was free from my soul, I became light, he asked that forgive everyone I feel hurt me in the Past and let go, that I should even call them..it was strange but he made me understand I needed to let go, so I did, put a call thru to my step sister whom I was holding grudge against because of how she maltreated me in the past, she was happy I called we talked about growing up, the family, the past where I am now and we both cried and laughed, at the end I felt better, so relieved and lighter too
I still have 2 people to talk to.
I am equally enjoying my 2nd assignment, I was asked by my coach to write down how I want to see my life henceforth and believe I have it already, I did that in my diary and I recite it everyday...I must say noting seems to be sweeter than this, it feels like wearing a bomb short and running around the garden with that love one you cherish alot, is that sweet and with my prayers I am on a very very sweet and sasylicious life....you want to meet my coach? then follow me and meet the one and only exceptional Mind Coach BankoleBanjo ~ Judith Gums

My honest opinion

... this is my impression and honest opinion about the *Power And Mind Of millionaires* session.
• it *deals directly on the power of the mind, where lies the issues of life*.
• the session is structured such that *it makes simple the things that appears so complicated*.
• and of course the simplicity and wealth of experience of the coach is *top notch and world class*. ~Akin Majekodunmi

I thought it was impossible

I was hesitant over the years, I’ve hardly spoken to anyone about my pain and anger that brewed inside of me against my dad for leaving us and never standing up to his responsibilities, but this time I said it’s enough I need to talk to someone, I reached out to MR Bankole Banjo, he shared his insights with me and the best way to dig deeper to understand my fathers behavior and the best way to relate and speak to him, in order to release the anger and pain brewing inside of me, he was more concerned about my peace of mind, he took me through days after days talking with me and guiding me, now it’s a peaceful relationship I have with my dad, even more importantly my dad n my sister. I am so glad I reached out to him, he has helped me beyond what I believed. ~Vivian Onyeama