5 tips to achieving a better result.

I used to think other people doing better than me had special powers or were born with special gift of achieving great results. It is really frustrating to see my colleagues, peers, friends do way better than me.

I thought that feeling was going to consume me and i may never be able to get things right. Well, i was wrong and these was proven to me through some training i had.

The following tips really did it for me and you might want to try them too.

Tip #1 - Focus on the outcome you want & not the unfriendly environment.

Though i know it might be difficult to ignore the uncertainties happening around us but what we want to achieve should be our focus. We tend to see more of what we focus on. Let me sight an example; Do you have a particular car brand you like so much? If yes; have you noticed that you tend to see more of that brand on the road while you are out?

This is happening because your attention is there. This same thing happens to whatever task we have at hand.

Tip #2 - Seek knowledge & never assume anything.

Seeking knowledge is as important has having our daily meal. Learning feeds our brain with information that brings us clarity. Commit to learning something new every single day and watch how much you would have grown in knowledge and confidence.

"It is not enough to be in the right place at the right time. You must be the right person in the right place at the right time ." – T Harv Eker

Tip #3 - Retrace your steps and alter a repetition that isn't producing the desired result.

There is a saying that you can not be doing the same thing over and over again and be expecting a different result. Yea! You might want to stop along the way to check what you have been doing that has not yielded the desired result over a period of time and try something new.

Tip #4 - Take a new risk. Fear might just be the barrier.

You might want to do a list of the things you are most scared of. This should be things that you know will help you grow but you are just scared for some reason. Most people are afraid to take new risk because of fear of failure. Failing at things is just a learning process and not crime. If we do not try new things, we may never know what the outcome will be.

So, get up now and face your fears

Tip #5 - Consult a coach for guidance

Lastly, we all need to learn from other people that have taken bigger risks and may already know the possible outcome to certain things. Always continue to learn and grow.

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So, if things are not working the way you want, you might just want to use the above 5 tips.

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